6 Important Feed Additives For Pigs

Pigs and poultry react differently under heat stress. Feed additives help alleviate the negative effects of heat stress on growth performance in pigs and poultry. When it comes to heat stress, it is very important to make adjustments in feed formulation. A properly formulated pig feed premix can decrease the amount of heat generated during digestion and metabolism, improve animal comfort, health and well-being.

Six feed additives that can help reduce heat stress further are:

  • Sodium bicarbonate: Added up to 0.1 percent, it can improve feed intake, especially in older animals. Feeding sodium bicarbonate to young pigs is strongly discouraged as it tends to buffer stomach ph. It is best to use lower dosage whenever possible to avoid unbalancing the optimum dietary electrolyte balance.
  • Potassium chloride: This has shown to improve growth performance, especially in broilers, but when used in low dosages. Again, adding too much of these salts should be avoided.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is not required by mammals or birds. It has shown to alleviate the symptoms of heat stress by reducing oxidative stress and improving immunity under stress conditions. Best results are shown when used with optimum levels of vitamin E.
  • Betaine: This is a well-known methyl donor. It is also a potent osmo-regulator. It acts by balancing water levels inside the cells, and alleviates the negative effects of accumulated inorganic ions. It is specifically beneficial in cases where animals have only saline water to drink.
  • Sodium zeolite: It is natural clay that has been shown to reduce the effects of heat stress. It also acts as a buffer in the gastrointestinal system, thus reducing alkalosis associated with panting.
  • Enzymes: It is very common during heat stress. It increases the feed energy density to combat reduced feed intake.

No single feed additive additives or feed formulation adjustment can fully compensate for the negative effects of heat stress. Offering the best nutrition and health solutions for the poultry industry, we have emerged as the top poultry feed supplement exporters. But, when part of a comprehensive program, these additives can help recover part of the lost performance potential.

Dog Clothes And Wardrobe on Puppy Boutique

The dog owners love to dress their dogs in festive getups. It is not only about redefining the personality of the dog but also to reflect the rich taste in fashion. The stylish attires that are specially designed for various occasions and casual use are meant to deliver adorable outlook to the pets. From stylish boots to wedding tux, all these stylish apparels and accessories elevates the personality of the cute family member.
Dressing dogs gaining good popularity


The blessing of digital marketing and internet is making the business of dog apparels a real hit among the dog lovers. Those who like to dress their pets like fashion icons, the online portals for dog apparels are the best place to find the cutest editions. Dog clothes are designed by reputed designers across the world.
Most of the breeds do not bother when they are being dressed up unless the dress is too overwhelming. They enjoy the attention they get after getting properly attired. The designer dog clothes are available in the canine fashion websites. Every type of items is available in the infirmary of the web store.
Types of apparels and accessories
Dresses for special occasions or for a casual walk in the neighborhood are available in the online portals. In fact, these portals are gaining huge popularity as the dog owners are flocking in for the trendiest dresses.
The dresses can be themed like jerseys and tees with logos of favorite characters or sports team. The sweaters are hand-made cashmere apparels that impart comfort and coziness to the canines in the winter season. There are cute little sets of boots and socks for the paws. In fact, she can also get a tiara like her owner for a special occasion. The families are taking this trend to a new level where all the family members including the pet wear the same-styled clothes to make a brilliant impression.
The cute clothes also have awesome editions of shirts collars and beautiful ties. Blouses and tanks are also available for the adorable pets. Dog collars and leashes are common items that are available in these stores too. The jewel-studded entries in collars, ID tags, sunglasses, and designer leashes are the most popular ones.
Sometimes it becomes hard to travel with a dog when proper accessories are not available. This is where this website comes in where every type of dog accessories is available that makes the journey smooth and hassle free. From car seats to travel baskets, all the items are made to deliver comfort and safety to the cute ones. All the items are made of high-quality material that does not harm the dogs.
Choosing the best item
You need to know the size of the dog first. After that, it is a piece of cake. Choose the colors and patterns as per the breed and skin shades. Get the best set of attires to turn heads on the way. Afford these designer labels to make him or her celebrity of the town. Build a different fashion wardrobe for the adorable pets and share your happiness with them.

Nutritional Supplements For Livestock

Livestock such as dairy cattle and beef cattle require a number of minerals for optimal growth and reproduction. Selecting the correct nutritional supplement is important to maintain the health of the animals. Most grain rations for cattle and sheep supply adequate protein to maintain a satisfactory 10% to 12%. However, when livestock is in emergency, feeding proportions may vary. During such situations, cattle must be given a low protein diet such as ground ear corn, grain straws and grass straws.

Vitamins and minerals for dairy cattle can maximise profits or minimise losses. An animal’s diet must contain essential vitamins and minerals in appropriate amounts and ratios.

All livestock should be given macro minerals and micro minerals. The macro minerals they require are calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chlorine and sulphur.

Calcium and phosphorous plays an important role in body functions. A decrease in either or both can cause a decrease in weight gain and overall efficiency. A superior milking cow requires three times more calcium than a non-lactating cow. Proper utilization of calcium and phosphorous is affected not only by the amount of each mineral but also by their ratio. The optimum Ca: P ratio is about 1.5:1. Most grasses are adequate in calcium. Some of the foods which can be given to cattle are alfalfa, peanut, clover and soybean.

The sodium and chlorine provide for proper functioning of the nervous system and muscular system. A deficiency of these elements causes loss of appetite and inefficient weight gains or body weight loss. As a rule of thumb, cattle consume 0.005 to 0.010 percent of their body weight as salt daily.

For proper functioning of enzyme and nervous system, livestock should be given a magnesium rich diet. A mineral mixture containing 10 to 14 percent magnesium consumed at 4 ounces per day should provide adequate magnesium.

Apart from macro minerals, all livestock that is dairy cattle and beef cattle require micro minerals too. The micro minerals they require are iron, manganese, copper, zinc, selenium, cobalt and iodine.

The overall feed given to livestock and cattle, must supply adequate amounts of energy, protein, certain vitamins and minerals. Although different species have different nutritional requirements, there is one principle that applies to the nutritional requirements of all animals; that is, if ample amounts of all nutrients but one are fed, the level of that particular nutrient will limit performance

Importance of Trace Elements in Animal Nutrition

The importance of trace minerals in animal nutrition is irrefutable. As the name implies, even small amounts of these elements have large and diverse effects on animal organism. The function of enzymes and hormones is essentially linked to trace elements. This key role in metabolism cannot be replaced by other kind of nutrients. Hence, they are often referred to as essential elements.

For cattle, copper, zinc, magnesium and cobalt are among the most important and are usually added to various supplementary feeds.

Trace elements are defined by extremely low concentrations in the body such as less than 50 mg of iron per kg of the tissue. Based on this, dairy animal requirement, the need for trace elements are determined.

The biological function of trace elements is as follows:

  • Iron: Iron is an important pigment of the red blood cells. In addition, iron is responsible for oxygen storage and oxygen transport in the body. As an enzyme component iron plays an important role in energy metabolism as well as in the anti-oxidative system.
  • Copper: Copper is mainly stored in the liver as an enzyme component that is part of essential metabolic processes. Copper provides stronger bones and joints and is heavily involved in the utilisation of iron. Copper deficiency in dairy cows is often reflected in reduced fertility and poor immunity.
  • Zinc: Besides iron, zinc is also an important trace element. It acts as an activator and component of more than 300 enzymes and hormones. Zinc deficiency causes poor growth and loss of appetite.
  • Manganese: This trace element is mainly stored in the bone, liver, kidney and pancreas. It works as an enzyme activator.

Deficiencies in manganese are reflected in reduced growth, skeletal deformities, poor fertility and birth defects in new born calves.

  • Iodine: Iodine is located in the thyroid glands and is responsible for the formation of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency can be detected by an enlarged thyroid gland and poor milk production.

If cattle are regularly given trace minerals in animal nutrition, they will grow faster and show improved performance. Vitamins and minerals for dairy cattle can maximise profits or minimise losses. Milk production will increase too.

The Top Pet Grooming And Daycare Centres in Winnipeg.

The Top Pet Grooming and Daycare Centres in Winnipeg.

The number of pet grooming and daycare centers in Winnipeg offers a suitable and excellent service for pet lovers. The following are the best places that offer pet grooming in Winnipeg if you need someone to take care of your pet while you are away:

The Canine Social Company

The dog would be completely overwhelmed by the kind of love and care that would be showered it by this daycare and boarding company. You don’t need to worry about your dog being caged because this daycare is cage-free. There is also a “spa” where your dog can have access to a variety of services like bathing, brushing, and a full grooming service.

Woof & Shloof

This is another very good day care service. They are located in Ste. Anne and has per hour, half-day or full day dog grooming depending on your needs. The dog will be shown full love and care. Detangling, shampooing, trimming and breed specific grooming are not picked by this grooming company.


This is an indoor-outdoor day care center. There are numerous other dogs that the dog would be able to relate and play with. Depending on the weather, there are also splash pools where the dog can play in. There are also different kinds of toys with which the dog can have maximum fun with. Another cool thing about this day care center is that you can access live webcam feed where you can check up on your dog at any time to see how it is fairing. Full pet grooming service is also available.

It’s a Dog’s life

This fully air-conditioned daycare facility with an area of 2,000 square foot is a perfect place for dogs. It doesn’t matter how long or short you want to leave your dog, it’s a dog’s life offers both Daycare and boarding services. They also offer grooming, blow-dries, with baths, nail clipping, and brushing services.


For people living or working in Winnipeg, Woof! Is the perfect place for you to drop your dog. Everything your dog might need to feel comfy ranging from Toys, a fenced outdoor playing ground, beds etc. is available at here. They are into pick up and drop off of a dog as well as daily dog walks. They also offer full makeover services for dogs ranging from nail clipping to other cat grooming and dog grooming services.


The Uberdog has been doing extremely well in making their facilities a very standardized one. It has daycare centers at different locations in Leslieville and midtown. You can drop your dog at a midtown location if you would be away for more than a day or take it to Urbandog ranch in Baltimore, Ontario for it to have a nice vacation of its own. Full grooming services are available at the spas in midtown and the ranch.


It is located at Dundas west and offer services that make it better than usual retail destinations. They offer overnight dog boarding kennels and daycare services and also takes the dog for daily work in local parks. With an area of 15,000 square foot, Fetch offers the total freedom and an avenue to run and have fun to the maximum. All services like bathing and hairstyling are offered by this grooming center.


Tailwaggers is ideal for short term need because they offer services ranging from two hours, half day and full day services only. With an area of 2,400 square foot, the pooch is free to run around and also play with the numerous toys around. There is a spa on a ground where your dog gets all the services it deserves.


You can take your dog to any of the branches of Doggieland for grooming or care services. In other to make things less stressful for people within 4km, the branches at Winnipeg offer pick-up and delivery services. Doggieland offer longer pet grooming services, and dental and facial care.

Pet Social

The two branches of Pet Social are very close to Harbourfront. Regardless how long or short you would be away, you don’t need to worry about where you would put your dog as they offer both pet boarding and daycare services. All services ranging from pedicures to tail grooming are covered by their Grooming center.

Dogee Spa

Dogee spa is a perfect place if you live around Ste. Anne is. They offer boarding, daycare and pet grooming services. Bath tidy, bath and brush and full grooming are the three types of grooming that are offered in this center. They also offer pick-up and delivery services to reduce the stress on you.


1. Timmie Doggie Outfitters

When it comes to grooming, Timmie Doggie Outfitters are experts. They have branches in Leslieville and West Queen West. They would help your dog look amazing and prepare in all ways for Woofstock and other events. They offer pedicures, de-matting, and medicated pools among other services.

2. SPAW Boutique

They offer both cat and pet grooming which is m perfect if you have both. Nail clipping, bathing, styling and other standard services are offered in SPAW Boutique. They also offer some extra services like top knots with bows and nail polishing.

3. Happy trails

They are both cat and dog makeover. They focus on short specific services like the styling, shampooing and hair cutting.

4. Pawfect Spa

They are located in Rosedale and offer grooming services that would turn your dog into a complete beauty. In addition to a full grooming service, Pet hair coloring, and nail clipping is some of the la carte services that are offered. They also got you covered if you are the busy type by offering pick-up and delivery services.

5. Cosmopawlitan

Cosmopawlitan is the perfect grooming service company to call when you want to transform your pet from not-so-good-looking to fab. It is located in Harbourfront. Their grooming services include bath and blow-dry, hair coloring, haircuts, nail trimming, that would prepare your rough- looking dog for events like Westminster Kennel Club show.

6. My dog spot

This grooming company is located in 33161 PR 210 West. They offer services for all kinds of dogs. It offers la carte services like nail clipping, brushing and ear cleaning. It also offers full services of grooming in Winnipeg.

7. Paws in the Bath

They offer different grooming services for dogs like single and full grooming services. Nail polishing, coat, and teeth treatment are some of the services offered by this company. You can also clean your canine yourself at the DIY wash station located at this company.

8. Tailspin Dog Spa

The groomers at tailspin Dog Spa would turn that dirty hair into a neat and pretty one. They offer both standalone and full pet grooming services that would turn the rough looking dog into a smooth-looking one. They offer other services like ear and nail maintenance.

9. The Groomery

This grooming shop is located in Corktown. It does nail trimming, bath, and brushes and also offer full grooming service. In other to ensure that the best service is rendered to each dog, they set aside 3-4 hours for each appointment.

10. The Dog Market

This groomer is located in one of the highest populated pet location; the beaches. Your dog will feel very much at home in this grooming center. They offer full service and other services like hypoallergenic treatments and teeth cleaning.

11. Planet Dog

This grooming shop is located at Upper Beaches. They have raw food options and stylish pet wear, and also offer canine makeover for all kinds of breeds. They also offer full grooming services, a bathing, and towel dry service.

12. Sit Stay Dog Emporium

Melanie, who has gathered over a decade of experience, is the only groomer at Sit Stay Dog Emporium. This ensure that your dog is being taken care of by a reliable and experienced groomer. You can inquire online about the price of their full grooming service.


1. Unleashed in the city

They are situated in Ossington. They offer both overnight and Playcare services for canines. Socialization, field trips and a bit of learning are inputted into the Playcare to organize it in form of a school setting. With a large area of land to play and love and care showered on the pooch, this groomer ensures that your pet has a nice time. Dogs in boarding have the same fun like dogs in the Playcare.

2. A Leg Up

Regardless of how long you need your dog to be taken care of, A Leg up is up to the job. They offer both dog boarding and daycare services. You can also hire one of the employees to stay with your four-legged companion while you are away.

Pet Waste Removal – A Necessity For Hygienic Environment

The idea is quite an interesting one, but not all dog owners would like to spend money on dog cleaning every day. Moreover, it doesn’t feel comfortable, welcoming them daily.

We all are aware how a clean environment is necessary for hygiene and comfort. Despite this, there are several irresponsible dog owners who don’t care about it and cause irritating conditions for fellow neighbours. Some people have mentioned that if they had the right kind of supplies for dog waste removal, it would get simplify their jobs as an owner. We’re talking about the right equipment, accessories and supplies for dog waste cleaning.

The essentials for dog waste cleanup

There are some primary essentials that all dog owners must keep in their homes or backyard.

Scooper – One of the most disgusting jobs is to lift the poop and dispose it. Imagine a person doing it using some wooden planks and that too getting near that smelly mess. Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, a pooper scooper with a long handle allows to “scoop” the poop off the ground and put it in a disposal area.

Waste bag – Thanks to this invention, the owners do not have to indulge in collecting the mess in a “safe container” because the scooper comes attached with a waste bag, where it collects the poop. Notably, the pet waste bags have been an essential unit of the supplies for dumping the “bad” stuff.

Dispenser – These are, the bigger can liners where the waste bags should be thrown in. It offers a lot “cleaner” medium to dispose the waste and gets rid of the awkwardness a owner might feel. Only collecting the poop is not the end of responsibility, its proper disposal is necessary.

Cans and Stations – As a part of cleaner and greener environment, people could use the outdoor pet waste cans in their backyards where the waste bags can be disposed. Similarly, there are pet waste stations available at the suppliers, which can be used in the commercial environment.

Options available and how to buy

Technically, two ways are available – online and offline. People may have their own apprehensions regarding purchasing online, so they may get to the brick-and-mortar stores for that. But, that would cost more and rarely all of the above could be available at different stores. However, the online suppliers offer more flexibility for the buyers. Here are the benefits:

Reduced costs for products ordered online because of no middlemen. Enlarged photographs on the website for clarity in observation.

Easy shipping to the said location as well as return and refund facility for online buyers.

With so many facilities available online, buying at the local shops seem less advantageous.


High Quality Bird Food

Most individuals love animals and birds and enjoy having them around. Many people have pleasant memories when it comes to their beloved pets. Those who own pets know what a huge responsibility they have. Bird owners are well aware of the fact that they need to provide them high quality bird food and bird cages.

Many people have pets, enjoy their company and spend quality moments with them. Those who don’t own pets yet, should take into account that there are some benefits of pet’s ownership, including birds. Intelligent and beautiful, companion birds bring many benefits to the owners. Keeping these birds healthy and happy requires some work but the benefits are invaluable. Items such as bird cages are very important when it comes to ensuring a healthy atmosphere. The manufacturers put at client’s disposal a wide range of items to choose from. For those who keep the birds inside the home there is the option of playtops.

If you keep them healthy, clean and happy, these little birds will reward your efforts in many wonderful ways. Compared to other pets, most companion birds have fairly long life span. The statics show that many parrot species can outlive you. Considering this important matter, you will have to make some important arrangements for the bird. One of these is related to acquiring some high quality bird cages. Another benefit is related to social interaction. Relevant studies show that keeping birds encourages social interaction. Your mental health will benefit from it. These birds will create a very cheering atmosphere with some hearty expressions.

If you would like to know what the best bird food is, you can find out by talking on forums or at your local pigeon club. There are a lot of different forms of bird’s nutrition. Pelletised food is a good option for balanced nutrition. Seeds are highly recommended as well, due to the fact that they have natural and organic ingredients. Furthermore, birds feel the need of nurturing someone. They require a lot of personal attention and interaction with the owner. In case you have children, it is highly recommended to have pets around them. It is known that pets encourage empathy in children.

Another advantage of playing with and talking to a pet is the fact that it will help you lower your stress level. So bird food is a very important matter that must be seriously taken into account. A wide variety is available when it comes to nutrition. Grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables, all mixed up, are a very popular choice. A healthy blend fortified with vitamins and minerals is the optimal nutritional choice four your favorite pet.

5 Useful Tips For A Safe Outing In The Dog Park For Everyone

The dog park is for dogs what it a play park for children. It is the place where they can run and do their thing, exercising and socializing with other dogs. Still, even if this is one of the best places to bring your pet to, you need to have in mind some aspects to make time here safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here are 5 useful tips that will help you and your pet when you will leave your him at dog boarding place for a safe outing in the dog park.

1. Always clean the mess made by your dog

The smell of grass and fresh air may make your dog go for number 2 in the park. It is nothing wrong about it, but it is not unpleasant to step in one either. Not to mention if you have a dog that enjoys dog poo a bit too much. So, always have a special bag for cleaning up and leave the park clean. It is true that not all pet owners do the same, but you need to be an example for others and show them that this is the civilized way to go. Probably all people and pets enjoy a cleaner park, isn’t that right? Also, you could install one of the dog kennels Winnipeg Manitoba in your car to make the trip to the park safer as well.

And, believe it or not, the dog will be easier to clean if he is well-groomed. They tend to throw themselves on the ground and get covered in the drool of other dogs when playing. The service of grooming in Winnipeg will help you keep your dog looking good and being easier to clean, no matter what.

2. Don’t bring small children over

This is a rule that should be kept especially if you have no one trustworthy to take care of your small child while you take the dog to the park or dog grooming places. Small children may not be aware of how to treat him right and not all dogs are the most patient in the world. Also, with so many dogs running around like crazy, the child can easily get knocked over by excited dogs.

3. Dogs that are not behaving should keep in control

Is your dog acting deaf when you are calling him back? It may be rather difficult to catch him once you are in the park, as you may get exhausted trying to convince the dog to come back to you. If the dog is not behaving right, like showing aggression to other dogs, or does not answer adequately to your recall command, you should keep him on a leash. Also, if your dog is jumpy, you will need one of the Winnipeg kennels installed in your car, to make the journey to and from the park safer for both of you. It would be a disaster for your pet to be jumping around the car out of excitement. And do consider a pet grooming and boarding service for your dog and cat or any other pet that offers some training as well, because your pet may be hyperactive due to the fact that he is not exercised adequately or spends too much time home alone.

4. Do not take the dog’s favorite toy at the park

Dogs tend to be overprotective with their favorite stuff. So, the presence of his favorite toy at the park will make him get into a fight if another dog will try to take it from him. You can use his favorite toy to convince him to get back to you but never allow the dog to play with it in the park, to avoid unwanted events.

5. Do your best to be calm and relaxed

Try to have in mind that dogs love to play, run around, even growl at each other when playing. So stop being an overprotective owner. Dogs instinctively know what to do in the companionship of other dogs and nothing bad will happen. But if you know that your dog is extremely shy and gets scared easily, you may want to pick a calmer place for him to enjoy.

What Treats To Give Dogs with Dietary Allergies?

Giving your dog a treat is a form of affection, a behavior modification technique and a positive reinforcement tool. Most treats are made with beef and chicken, but what do you give dog with a sensitive stomach or dietary allergies? Kangaroo treats for dogs are the ideal low fat, nutrition rich alternatives you’re looking for.

Kangaroo Treats in Canada

It’s quite difficult if not impossible to find raw kangaroo treats in Canada. However, there are a few reputed pet food companies offering various types of dehydrated kangaroo bones in Canada. The kangaroo bones arm bones, ribs, tail bones, shoulder bones, femur bones and knee caps they offer are sourced from Australia where quality standards are high and they also ensure that these products are approved by reputed agencies such as CFIA so that customers can have complete peace of mind while making purchases.

Great Hypoallergenic Treats

Single ingredient dehydrated kangaroo tail dog treats are a great source of nutrition. As such kangaroo bones are a rich source of high quality amino acids and contain the healthiest types of fats which make them ideal for growing puppies. They are also high in anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, calcium phosphate, chondroitin, zinc and iron – all of which are beneficial for a dog’s optimal health. Dehydrated kangaroo bones carry a significantly lower risk of splintering so they are easy on a dog’s teeth – in fact they are an excellent aid for doggie dental health. Although they are low in fat, they help a dog feel full and promote healthy digestion.

Slow Drying Benefits

Kangaroo treats for dogs that have been dehydrated using a slow drying technique are best since they are devoid of contaminants and the slow drying process seals in the natural meaty flavors that dogs love. Removal of moisture content ensures that the treats remain fresher for longer. Kangaroo treats are great to chew on and are guaranteed to provide many hours of enjoyment to your pet pooch. All natural, single ingredient kangaroo dog treats are the best since they are free from harmful additives, preservatives and colors – they are simply dehydrated to lock in all the nutrition and natural flavors.

Choosing Right Delicacy

There are so many different types of kangaroo treats on the market that it can be quite difficult to choose the right one. Most of them are suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes but some can be more effective than others in specific situations. For example, a kangaroo arm bone or kangaroo tail dog treat is great if you want to provide your dog with a long lasting and satisfying chew treat. Due to their dense cartilage, dehydrated kangaroo knee bones are fantastic chew options for small and medium sized dogs.

Treats are great but not all treats are equal – always purchase from a reputed seller providing genuine, all natural dehydrated kangaroo tail dog treats at affordable prices. And remember to give them at the right time and for all the right reasons – you don’t know it but your furry friend will thank you for it!

Benefits of Rewarding Your Canine With Dehydrated Kangaroo Treats

Do you have a dog with food allergies or a sensitive digestive system? Do you want to introduce a new protein to your pet’s diet? Kangaroo treats for dogs are just the things you need – they are a great source of protein, contain only 2% fat and can be given to canines with allergies. Your furry friend will simply love the natural aromas and taste of a novel kangaroo delicacy.

Delicious Kangaroo Bone Treats

Kangaroo treats for dogs are available in a wide range of choices. You can select from dehydrated bones such as arm bones, femur bones, shoulder bones, ribs, knee caps and tails depending on your pet’s preferences, age and size. Reputed suppliers offer dehydrated bones that have been slow dried in the oven to seal in their natural flavors and nutrition. These bones are great for gnawing upon and unlike raw bones, they do not damage teeth. Instead, they help clean teeth and aid dental hygiene.

Packed With Nutrition

The best part about kangaroo tail dog treats and other types of dehydrated roo treats is that they are packed full of essential nutrition. Bones contain marrow which is an excellent source of iron required for healthy metabolism. Bones also contain calcium phosphate, a vital nutrient for growing puppies and chondroitin which is useful to ward off osteoarthritis in older dogs. Bone is an alternative fiber source that keeps a dog feeling full and promotes proper digestion. Reliable suppliers provide these tidbits in small packaging so that they can be consumed within a short period of time. A package of 200-250 grams may contain two or three pieces, depending on bone size.

Natural Wholesome Goodness

Apart from dehydrated kangaroo tail dog treats, suppliers also offer other types of delights such as dehydrated kangaroo liver, dehydrated kangaroo lung and dehydrated kangaroo steak. Organ meats are densely packed with nutrition but low in fat, making them an excellent option for tasty snacks and training tools. These meats are an important source of iron which is important for brain and muscle function. They contain a good amount of Vitamin B complex and fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Furthermore, they are a rich source of minerals such as phosphorous, copper, magnesium and iodine.

Quality Standards to Look For

Dehydrated kangaroo dog treats are single ingredient snacks. Reputed suppliers ensure that raw ingredients are procured from kangaroo that feed on herbicide and pesticide natural grass. They also make sure they are made from 100% kangaroo meat and do not contain preservatives, artificial coloring or antibiotics. They maintain high quality standards by seeking USDA and CFIA approvals. Most dogs in Canada never get to taste kangaroo treats which makes them a great alternative to other common snacks.

Canadian pet owners can use kangaroo treats for training purposes or as everyday good behavior rewards. Either way, your pooch will thank you for it!