Benefits of Rewarding Your Canine With Dehydrated Kangaroo Treats

Do you have a dog with food allergies or a sensitive digestive system? Do you want to introduce a new protein to your pet’s diet? Kangaroo treats for dogs are just the things you need – they are a great source of protein, contain only 2% fat and can be given to canines with allergies. Your furry friend will simply love the natural aromas and taste of a novel kangaroo delicacy.

Delicious Kangaroo Bone Treats

Kangaroo treats for dogs are available in a wide range of choices. You can select from dehydrated bones such as arm bones, femur bones, shoulder bones, ribs, knee caps and tails depending on your pet’s preferences, age and size. Reputed suppliers offer dehydrated bones that have been slow dried in the oven to seal in their natural flavors and nutrition. These bones are great for gnawing upon and unlike raw bones, they do not damage teeth. Instead, they help clean teeth and aid dental hygiene.

Packed With Nutrition

The best part about kangaroo tail dog treats and other types of dehydrated roo treats is that they are packed full of essential nutrition. Bones contain marrow which is an excellent source of iron required for healthy metabolism. Bones also contain calcium phosphate, a vital nutrient for growing puppies and chondroitin which is useful to ward off osteoarthritis in older dogs. Bone is an alternative fiber source that keeps a dog feeling full and promotes proper digestion. Reliable suppliers provide these tidbits in small packaging so that they can be consumed within a short period of time. A package of 200-250 grams may contain two or three pieces, depending on bone size.

Natural Wholesome Goodness

Apart from dehydrated kangaroo tail dog treats, suppliers also offer other types of delights such as dehydrated kangaroo liver, dehydrated kangaroo lung and dehydrated kangaroo steak. Organ meats are densely packed with nutrition but low in fat, making them an excellent option for tasty snacks and training tools. These meats are an important source of iron which is important for brain and muscle function. They contain a good amount of Vitamin B complex and fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Furthermore, they are a rich source of minerals such as phosphorous, copper, magnesium and iodine.

Quality Standards to Look For

Dehydrated kangaroo dog treats are single ingredient snacks. Reputed suppliers ensure that raw ingredients are procured from kangaroo that feed on herbicide and pesticide natural grass. They also make sure they are made from 100% kangaroo meat and do not contain preservatives, artificial coloring or antibiotics. They maintain high quality standards by seeking USDA and CFIA approvals. Most dogs in Canada never get to taste kangaroo treats which makes them a great alternative to other common snacks.

Canadian pet owners can use kangaroo treats for training purposes or as everyday good behavior rewards. Either way, your pooch will thank you for it!